Parking feet for campervans and industrial vehicles

Campervan parking feet - HIGH-PERFORMANCE stabilizers

HIGH-PERFORMANCE parking feet are the new AMPLO series of feet. Made with super-strong, ultra-light material. Two models available: single-rod and telescopic with bores starting from 40 mm for smaller vehicles up to 60 mm for heavier vehicles. The new AMPLO HIGH-PERFORMANCE series, as the entire production of AMPLO parking feet, is completely made in Italy, which is not an insignificant feature and is certainly an added value for the product.


The standard kit consists of:

  • 4 telescopic cylinders

    capacity approx. 2000 kg each

  • 1 hydraulic mini-controller

    with emergency hand pump

  • 1 electronic controller

    with manual controls

  • 1 remote control for cylinder operation

    with 1-2-4 cylinders operating at a time front-rear-rh side-lh side

  • 1 self-leveling

    4 mechanical limit stops

  • 1 black box

    for system control

  • 1 wiring harness kit

  • 1 hydraulic connection kit

    with pipes and fittings

  • 1 oil drum 5l.

    with viscosity index for temperatures -20°C +80°C

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